Zeiss Spotting Scopes

Zeiss Spotting Scopes

Started in 1876, Carl Zeiss has expanded exponentially as a key player in laboratory microscopy, ophthalmic instruments, industrial metrology, surgical products and consumer optic products. Coming to their spotting scopes, the Victory DiaScope 65 T FL & Victory DiaScope 85 T FL feature LotuTec lens coating (for shedding water & dirt), advanced optics with fluoride glass in the objective lens, eyepiece security, innovative dual speed focus (for close-up & greater distance look) and fully armored, waterproof, dustproof housings.

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The lightweight Victory PhotoScope 85 T FL is a lethal combo of long-range observation & photography and comes with premium panoramic observation optics, digi camera with a super tele lens, telephoto lens (for digital camera), 3x zoom lens with FL elements, fold-out OLED monitor, on-programmed auto + quick on-screen access choice, extensive menu system, beam splitter, electronic remote-control, rubber armored housing and host of other features.

The Dailyt Spotter is great for observing in mountainous or difficult terrain with a mix of high mobility and premium ZEISS optics and features a wide field of view, non-slip durable rubber armor, flexible fast handling and built-in variable eyepiece. The Dailyt Spotter is ideal for nature enthusiasts, competitive marksmen and hunters.

Warranty details

All Zeiss Spotting scopes are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

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Spotting Scope Models from Zeiss:

  • Victory DiaScope 65 T FL
  • Victory DiaScope 85 T FL
  • Dailyt Spotter
  • PhotoScope 85 T FL