Review of the Pankoo 40x60 Monocular

Review of the Pankoo 40×60 Monocular

Introduction to the Pankoo 40×60 Monocular Review

The world is beautiful, especially when we can see what’s around us. Unfortunately, our eyes are greatly limited at far distances, hence why so many people are interested in monocular telescopes. As far as monocular telescopes are concerned, the Pankoo 40×60 Monocular is a popular option to consider in the field.

Having the ability to view farther distances is a huge plus for the human psyche. It’s a way to view what we usually wouldn’t be able to see, allowing us to enter a whole new world in a sense. Still, none of this matters if you can’t find a reliable monocular to fulfill this role.

As a result, our review will focus on this monocular and highlight what we liked and didn’t like. Usually, we’d cover some company background information before the review, but there isn’t much information about Pankoo online. We can tell that the company offers a wide range of monoculars and is pretty popular.

Instead of covering the company, we’ll discuss a few common FAQs before getting started on our review. The review will highlight the pros, cons, and our verdict on the product. That way, you get a good sense of what to expect with this product and if it’s worth your time.

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Is a Monocular Better Than a Telescope?

Monoculars are adjusted telescopes that utilize a progression of the focal point and sometimes crystals to zoom far off objects. It is significantly more modest than a telescope and smaller than a binocular. Almost no maintenance is needed, and it is much more affordable than a telescope.

Regardless, it’s hard to say which is better. Telescopes tend to have better picture quality, but they serve a different purpose. Monoculars can be used for hunting, wildlife viewing, and astronomy, whereas telescopes are more commonly used for astronomy. Either way, they both serve a purpose.

Pankoo 40x60 Monocular Review
Pankoo 40×60 Monocular Review

How Far Do Monocular Telescopes See?

You can see around 1,000 yards with night vision monoculars or 3,000 feet. Different monoculars may vary depending on the quality. However, expect it to be in this range. Standard astronomical telescopes can see much further, hence why they’re used for that setting.

Can You See Stars With a Monocular?

Any monocular with a night-vision functionality allows users to view the nighttime sky. It permits the vast majority of light transmission around evening time. In this way, you could notice the distant stars without any problem. Keep in mind that you can’t view stars in the same capacity as a standard telescope.

Review of the Pankoo 40×60 Monocular Telescope

Now that we’ve gone over a general FAQ with monocular telescopes, how about getting started on our Pankoo 40×60 Monocular Review? First and foremost, the telescope is easy to use, allowing users to see scenery very quickly. It has a single hand adjust for the eyecup and focus point that works really well.

Remember to use the focus wheel until the picture is clear; otherwise, your photos or what you’re viewing won’t look right. The phone holder and tripod work great, especially if you hope to get a few pictures. The steadier the monocular is, the better the picture quality will be.

You can view as far as 1000 yards thanks to its 40mm sizeable objective lens. Unfortunately, you may need an external light source for dark nights. There are a lot of options to be mindful of in this sense, though I wish the night time vision capability was better. Either way, be aware of external light sources and if you need one.

Pankoo 40x60 Monocular Review
Pankoo 40×60 Monocular Review

Weight-wise, it’s straightforward to move around, making it ideal for hiking, traveling, viewing wildlife, bird watching, hunting, etc. Besides the tripod and phone holder, it comes with a dust cover, a cleaning cloth, a strap, and a manual. Though Pankoo doesn’t have a substantial online presence, its customer service is surprisingly available 24/7.

Negatively speaking, the build quality could be better. I understand the build quality suffers a bit due to its price, but it’s a negative worth highlighting. Remember to be careful with the monoculars, especially while you’re walking. If you accidentally drop it, you may run into an issue, always an annoyance. Still, I was impressed with the monocular overall. It’s a solid option and does what it’s supposed to do very well.


  • It has excellent picture quality for its price.
  • The scope is very lightweight and easy to move around.
  • It’s easy to hold and scope out the sky.
  • The entire unit is easily adjustable to what you need.
  • It comes with a stainless steel tripod.


  • The build quality could be better.
  • You’ll need an external light source for extra-dark days.


Hopefully our review of the monocular telescope got the job done with your decision-making. Though Pankoo doesn’t have a lot of online history for the company, the product is a solid option to consider. I wish the build quality and lighting options were better, but that’s not a huge deal. The monocular does a lot of good overall product-wise.

It has excellent picture quality for its price, is lightweight and easy to move around, is easily adjustable, and comes with a stainless steel tripod. Overall, I definitely recommend checking this monocular out, especially if you’re looking for an option that isn’t too expensive. Keep in mind that Pankoo isn’t too notable of a company, but if the product works, then it’s not a big deal.


Finding the right product is always ideal, no matter what subject you’re talking about. Monocular telescopes are great because they allow users to capture what they usually wouldn’t be able to see. Considering how limited our eyes are, it’s nice to have something that dramatically enhances the experience.

Nevertheless, leave a comment if you have anything else you want to know about Pankoo 40×60 Monocular, what it does, Pankoo, or anything else. There are countless areas to consider with monocular telescopes, most of which we can answer for you. Either way, check out some of our other reviews to see if there is another monocular telescope we covered that may interest you.