Best Spotting Scope for Birding – Our 2021 Staff Pick

For those who enjoy birding and watching birds, having the best spotting scopes is very imperative. Although binoculars are easy to carry around during the adventure, spotting scopes provide a reliable and better image quality, hence giving you an unforgettable birding experience.

In this article, we will look at the top 4 best birding scopes. We’ll find out the best spotting scope for birding that you may want to consider in 2020.

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Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope

The Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope has a really good non-slip texture. It’s equipped with a rather large focus located on the main barrel of the scope. It has a retractable eyepiece so it’s usable for customers with glasses. Like many of the other scoping scopes on this list, it has a built-in sunshade to reduce glare.

I personally like the objective lens on this spotting scope. It is the best, probably not. But, it’s still pretty good for the price. I find that it allows for light transmission and offers a wider and brighter field of view.

I’d recommend this scoping scope for birding and wildlife in general. It’s extremely portable. I find the quality of the scope to be really well made. From what I understand, Roxant uses military-grade material for this spotting scope but I’d have to confirm that.

Another thing to point out is the use of a metal mounting screw. From my research and personal use, cheaper spotting scopes use plastic screw mounts. I found metal screw mounts to be safer and more stable than plastic.

Landove 20-60X 80 Prism Spotting Scope

The Landove 20-60X 80 Prism Spotting Scope comes fully equipped with multi-coated optics that provides a field of view at 82.9-48ft/1000yards. It’s a bit pricier than my first choice but it’s also a spotting scope to consider. It has a BAK4 prism optics and an 80mm objective lens. Like my other recommendations, you’ll get a clear image from this bad boy.

The dynamic lens focusing system built-in makes it effortless to zoom in and out. The spotting scope is nitrogen-filled. The scope is 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It comes with a sturdy tabletop tripod and handheld mount.

I find this spotting scope to be suitable for birding, target shooting, and hunting. You can use it for astronomy, marine, and general observation but I’m just going off personal experience here.

Unlike the other recommendations, it comes with a digiscoping cell phone adapter. So, for the millennials out there that are glued to their cell phones, this may be a good option for you.  The adaptor will enable you to take pictures and videos.

Gosky 20-60X 80 Spotting Scope

The Gosky 20-60X 80 Spotting Scope was specially designed for bird-watching and outdoor scoping. Like the Landov spotting scope, it comes with its own tripod and phone adapter. It has a retractable sunshade to reduce the outdoor lighting glare. The 45-degree eyepiece is versatile and adjustable to your likeness. You can have the scope in many viewing positions by loosening the adjustment collar. It’s pretty smooth in my opinion.

The objective lens is multi-coated.  It has a magnification from 20x to 60x with its dynamic lens focus. Honestly, it’s extremely easy to zoom in and out on target. It’s the perfect spotting scope for birding. The magnalium framework and rubber armor really sell me on the product.

If you’re a rough guy like myself, you’ll be happy with this one. You can drop it multiple times without having to worry about it breaking. It can withstand tough falls or rough weather conditions. This is due to the shock-absorbing rubber armor around the scope.

Just like most modern spotting scopes, it’s waterproof. If you’re planning to use this spotting scope in the rain or fog, you’ll be fine. Furthermore, you get a free digiscoping adapter and a reliable metal table tripod.

Feemic Upgrade 20-60×60 Waterproof Spotting Scope

I reviewed this spotting scope in my other article for the best spotting scopes for hunting. As you can tell, this scoping scope is great for hunting and birding. Like I mentioned before, this spotting scope is great for short and long-range scoping.

Once again, this is my 4th choice on the list. This is simply because it’s great for beginners and budget-friendly. If you’re a hobbyist, you’ll be fine as well. I’d say this spotting scope is very versatile for its price.

The Feemic has a high-quality Porro BAK4 prism. It has a great HD view and holds well. Not only is this spotting scope great for hunting but birding as well. For a cheaper, budget-friendly option, it has a decent range. You can magnify from 20-60x.

Finally, the FEEMIC Spotting Scope is glasses-friendly as well. It has a great glassware extender for people who wear glasses. Also, you’ll capture birds faster due to the unique novel dual focus wheel design. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope

Christmas is just around the corner, and you need the best spotting scope that will help create the best birdwatching experience. The Roxant Blackbird HD is one of the best budget-friendly spotting scopes and entry-level products that is easy and simple to use for beginners.

For an affordable spotting scope, it comes loaded with some amazing features to brag about. This compact spotter has a magnification range of 12x-36x with an aperture of 50mm. With such a higher magnification capability, you can expect perfect shooting at 100-200 yards. The 45-degrees of eyepiece offers a more comfortable viewing angle than scopes with straight-through optics.

Its high definition of military-grade optical glass with a superior BAK4 prism and multi-coated glass lenses provides crystal clear image quality and ultimate light transmission at all times. The built-in, extendable sunshade is an excellent addition that reduces the glare from the sunshine.

As it’s hoped it would be, this gadget features quality construction with a rugged non-slip rubber armor that ensures the scope is protected and doesn’t allow it to slip easily. You will also find an extendable/retractable eyepiece that allows you to use the scope with or without the glasses.

The scope also comes included with a foldable tripod and lifetime support. Overall, this would be an excellent gift for the bird watcher and hunter.


  • Very reasonable price.
  • An excellent choice for beginners.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Metal mounting screw, not plastic.
  • Outstanding magnification range.
  • Military-grade optic glass.
  • Stable tripod.
  • 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • Not waterproof.
  • The sunshade is not that great.


The Roxant Blackbird HD is one of the best budget-friendly spotting scopes for birding on the market today. This is an entry-level product that is easy to use and get started.  It has a decent magnification range of 12x-36x with a good aperture of 50mm.

With such military-grade optical glasses, you’d be foolish not to consider this spotting scope. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty so how could you go wrong?

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Landove 20-60X 80 Prism Spotting Scope

The Landove 20-60X 80 Prism is another best budget spotting scope for birding worth considering. This model has a variable 20x to 60x magnification that offers you a crisp and clear image quality even from a great distance. With such a powerful magnification range, this product is suitable for activities such as nature watching, star gazing, hunting, and the like.

The multi-coated 80mm green film objective lens, ultimate quality BAK4 prism, and 45-degree angled eyepiece allow you to have a clearer, brighter, and optimal view of the target. This model also features an adjustment knob for the best possible results every single time you take a shot. The adjustment knob is conveniently located, allowing you to fine-tune the object without shaking the device too much.

This product comes included with a digiscoping smartphone adapter that allows you to take pictures and video clips without any trouble. In the box, you will also find a soft fiber cleaning cloth for cleaning your lens.

The scope is waterproof and has an anti-fogging capability that allows you to use it on a rainy day and humid environment without having to worry about it being damaged by water. Thanks to its rugged construction, this scope can withstand any weather conditions you throw it at.

Additionally, the sunshade feature is an excellent addition, so you don’t have to worry about the image being dull in very sunny environments.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and portable to carry anywhere.
  • It comes with a smartphone adapter.
  • Durable construction.


  • The viewing angle could have been better.
  • The warranty lifetime is not specified.


It’s a bit pricier than my first option but it comes with extra accessories. I found the spotting scope to be useful for scanning large areas. Not the best in turns of the quality but it’s still really good compared to most.

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Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

The Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope is another high-performing, quality, nice features, and well-built spotting scope that will provide you with impressive image quality in your outdoor activities like birdwatching.

When it comes to its optical excellent, the scope has a magnification range of 20X to 60X for the best viewing experience. It also features a fully multi-coated 80mm green film objective lens to ensure optimal protection.

It has an amazing combination of quality prism and a dynamic focusing system that allows you to zoom in and take clear shots of the target easily. The retractable sunshade helps reduce glare. The scope also has an eyepiece shield which ensures maximum protection of the eyepiece when stretched out.

The bird spotting scope is made to last – it features a durable magnalium framework and shock-absorbing rubber armor that ensures maximum protection of your scope. In addition to that, this product has 100-per cent waterproof and fog-proof construction; this means you can use the scope in all weather conditions, including the harshest ones.

Additionally, it comes included with a reliable digiscoping adapter that allows you to attach your smartphone to the lens, hence enabling you to take detailed pictures or videos by sampling placing your smartphone at the eyepiece. This means you don’t have to buy any additional gear such as a telescopic lens just to take photos and videos.


  • This costs a lot less than top-tier scope but still has top-tier quality.
  • Waterproof, shock-proof, and fog-proof.
  • Highly portable and easy to use.
  • Durable construction.
  • It comes included with an amazing digiscoping adapter.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • The setup is limited to the type of pictures you can take.
  • It’s decent at pictures of sitting subjects at a specific range.
  • The cellphone mount is only designed to hold small phones.


The Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope is a well-built spotting scope that will provide an impressive quality for bird watching.  It’s reasonably priced and comes with a couple of accessories.

My own complaint is the cellphone mount. It’s too small for normal and bigger phones. You may need to get a more modern mount but other than that, it’s a great package altogether.

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Feemic Upgrade 20-60×60 Waterproof Spotting Scope with Tripod

The Feemic Upgrade 20-60×60 spotting scope comes loaded with lots of impressive features that allow you to have the best birdwatching and scenery-watching experience. This scope has an amazing magnification range from 20X to 60X with a field-of-view of up to 1000 yards, which makes it suitable for activities like bird watching, hunting, scenery, and the like.

The combination of a 60mm fully multi-coated green film objective lens and excellent quality Porro BAK4 Prism ensures your view is brighter while delivering crystal clear images. The extendable/retractable eyepiece allows you to use the scope with or without the glasses.

The scope has a two-speed focusing wheel – a fast-focusing wheel allows you to lock the target quickly, while the slow-focusing wheel allows you to zoom in on the target and get a more detailed view.

This spotting scope for birding has waterproof construction which means you can use it in any weather conditions. It also has shock-absorbing armor that allows you to use the scope even in the harshest conditions.


  • Great value for money.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Image quality and clarity are amazing.
  • The dual focus knob system is epic.
  • Conveniently lightweight.


  • The tripod given might not be ideal for tall people.


For the price, I’d say the FEEMIC 20-60×60 Upgrade HD Spotting Scope is a really good spotting scope for birding. If you’re on a very low budget, this is the spotting scope for you. If you have money to spend, there are better options on this list.

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A perfect spotting scope for birding can make a big difference when you are out there enjoying the beautiful sceneries, bird watching, or even hiking.

Some things that you need to consider when choosing the best spotting scope for birding include the magnification power, zoom lenses, focusing mechanism, glass quality (HD or ED), eyepiece placement, and light gathering capacity.

Now, that you know what factors to look into in a spotting scope, the next thing to consider is the budget. There are many best budget spotting scopes for birding on the market, and we have already reviewed some of them to make the work easier for you.

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